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Roscelli Remodel

Dear Conone:


Linda and I just wanted to send you a note about our recent remodel experience with you and Pacwest Builders.

As you know this adventure was our 2nd remodel with you and because of the process and outcome of your 1st remodel we had high expectations for this effort. We were not disappointed. The main focus of the remodel was the master bathroom, but it also involved the Kitchen, a downstairs powder room and a small mudroom so it was a rather complex job.  All of those areas came out better than we hoped for and have truly made our house a much better place to live both functionally and aesthetically.


To us, what is just as important as the outcome of the project, was the process and this is where Pacwest shines and is the reason we will come back if we do any more remodeling. Just like our 1st remodel with you we were again impressed with your attention to making us, the customer, happy and the quality of all your subcontractors. Having served in the military for 34 years we have owned homes and dealt with contractors all over the country. Most of those other experiences were not ideal and it seemed like we had to constantly fight with the contractor to get what we wanted or to fix issues that come up during a job. That is not the case with you and Pacwest. We were always so relieved when we had a concern or an issue and your response was always ?this is not a problem, it?s an opportunity?.  Because of that, this process, although it was long and required us to live in confined areas of our house for extended periods, was still enjoyable to us as we watched you and your subcontractors helped us realize our dreams.


The bottom line is we want to say thanks to you, Pacwest and all your subcontractors for a job well done.



COL (R) John D. Roscelli, MD

Site Visit Surveyor

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education