Learn about the Custom Home Process

Having a custom home built can be an overwhelming task. Having a reliable team of professionals to oversee the process can make it seem effortless.

At Pacwest Builders we have assembled some of Central Oregon's top professionals in the industry and believe our greatest strength lies in our ability to work as a team. From conception to the completion of your custom home, you will be able to rely upon the Pacwest team to lead the way.

1) Meet the Designers

Designer Spencer Williams leads the Pacwest building design team.  Spencer graduated from The University of Oregon School of Architecture and has enjoyed working with Steve since 2005.  Along with Spencer, Steve Van Sant brings with him 35 plus years of the finest quality custom home design experience in developments such as Pronghorn, Broken Top, Crosswater, Awbrey Butte, Awbrey Glen, Sunriver, Widgi Creek, Eagle Crest , Black Butte, Sunrise, Tetherow Golf Course and Resort and many more. You will start to formulate a design concept with Spencer and his team, noting things that are a must-have, need-to-have and other options for your home. Your time will be well spent thinking about how the home is going to function for your specific needs. We will design a home to fit you and no-one else. We will also arrange for you to see first hand some of the homes we have built in the area.

2) Site Evaluation

It is at this stage that you will work with Spencer Williams or Steven Van Sant on exploring all the possible design ideas formulated in step 1.

At Pacwest Builders, we understand that a well formulated design is critical to maximizing the natural characteristics and attributes of your specific site or parcel of property. We have to account for the set-back requirements and CC&R's for your lot and then marry all of this together to create your dream home.

3) Meet the Builder

While you develop design ideas, the next step is to meet with the builder, and owner of Pacwest Builders, Jim Yozamp. It is at this stage that a budget and financing will be established based on the design and site evaluation.

With the help of the Pacwest team, you will make your selections for interior and exterior materials keeping your budget in mind.

4) Meet the Interior Designer

Once we have established design and budget requirements, you will work closely with Kristy Yozamp in selecting interior finishes; from tile to cabinets, flooring and carpets, appliances and trim detail and doors and fixtures and so much more. This is where the fun really starts.

With Kristy's years of experience and creativity, we are confident we will help make your new home's interior match your vision.

5) Teamwork

With our custom home designer, builder, and design consultant all working together, you will find that at Pacwest Builders we help you every step of the way in the process.

Since communication is essential in any build process, especially the one-of-a-kind construction of a custom home, having the whole team under one roof is key in making sure your home is everyone's priority. 

6) Follow Through

Although this is the last step, we believe it is the most important one. That's because we know that our job isn't done until you are happy.

We guarantee your satisfaction. It is our mission to discover and then exceed the expectations and desires of our customers, doing whatever is necessary to deliver the highest quality products and service on time, EVERYTIME.

We take this commitment to you very seriously and will follow through with the job until we have fulfilled our promise.

Even after you've moved in and settled, you can be rest assured that we are one phone call away if something unexpected turns up with your home. We take great pride in the homes we build and will continue to service them as long as you own it.