North Rim in Bend Oregon - Puccoon Ct.

Located on the North Side of Awbrey Butte, North Rim is a very natural and peaceful environment with some of the best mountain views in all of Central Oregon.  A large part of the North Rim design principal is to create homes that work with the land, rather than imposing themselves on the site while enhancing the natural environment with the home and landscaping.  The architecture of this home is a unique blend of styles creating a home that feels very much like a contemporary cabin and is nothing like what you would expect looking at the closed-off, simple front facade.  

The structure of this home is very expressive with exposed rafter beams, sloping wooden supports with exposed steel hardware, and massive masonry elements to visually anchor it to the site.  A 2-story round stone detached library sits beside the entry, taking full advantage of the views and creating interest as you approch the front door.  The home works with the fairly steep slope, locating the main public spaces in the home are on the lower level, allowing for direct access to the covered outdoor living space and double-sided fireplace at the natural grade in the rear of the home.  

The bedrooms are accessed by a walkway that overlooks the open, airy living space below creating a strong connection and sense of volume.  We design almost all of the homes we build, but appreciated the opportunity to build this home designed by the Hayes inc. architecture/interiors.