American Lane

There are 13 platted building lots with 4 buildings complete and available for occupancy. There are 9 remaining platted lots ready for development.

Each completed builing is 8400 sq ft, divided into 4 suites - 2 x 2400 sq ft units and 2 x 1800 sq ft units.

Sockeye Place - Basalt Business Park

Sockeye Place in the Basalt Business Park is 3 separate buildings. Each building will consist of 16800 total sq ft of space, divided into 8 suites. Lower level spaces are available in 2280 sq ft, and 1920 sq ft. configurations. The lower level spaces all have garage door access and air conditioned offices.

The upper level is available undivided with a total space of 8400 sq ft. Demising walls can be installed to separate spaces and space is also available similar to 1st floor.

Sockeye Place - Basalt Business Park

This is the current progress on building #2 at Sockeye Place.

Sockeye Place - Basalt Business Park

This is the progress on building #3 as of 1/21/08.